Furniture Market Online connects Retail Furniture Owners & Managers with Furniture Wholesalers & Manufacturers to make the wholesale furniture buying and ordering process more efficient, less costly and more accessible than attending large furniture shows and markets.

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The "Featured Vendor" below represents a typical Wholesaler's store on Furniture Market Online. It displays information about the company and shows several examples of products that a Wholesaler would offer to Retailers.

Retailers would log in as a member, then navigate to the store(s) whose products they have interest in viewing. It's similar to what they would do at a furniture show, but from the comfort of their home or office location, minus the expense of attending an expensive show.


Furniture Wholesalers upload and display their products into a private, protected environment, for furniture store retailers to view and order

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Furniture Retailers have members-only access to view and order furniture manufacturers’ and wholesalers’ products for their retail store operation

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