Demo Store One

Contact Information
Shipping Address
123 Main St
Furniture City, Tennessee 37210
United States

This Demo Store is a fictional one created to demonstrate (on the public-facing pages of the website) what those products would look like to member Retailers. Access to Wholesalers' products is only allowed by approved retailers/parties inside a password-protected area on the site.

Wholesalers pay an annual fee to be able to list their products on the site. Retailers gain free access to view those products by registering to be an official member of Furniture Market Online.

When you are ready to place an order with "Demo Store", contact one of our fictional Reps below:

Bob White (East)
(111) 222-3333

Radean Dean (North)
(222) 333-4444

Wayne Payne (South)
(333) 444-5555

Tabitha Toller (West)
(444) 555-6666

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